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Blockbuster Movies / TV / Sports Package – CABLE TV BOX for any TV

Get up to $20 off for additional televisions in your home !

Basic Channels $75 – Gets all Movies, PPV Movies, Movies playing in Theatres , HBO, Showtime, Netflix TV shows

Premium Channels $85 – Same features as above, plus Dodger Games, Laker Games, and adult (Parental Control)

All Access $99 – Get all features from both models, plus Live Pay per view events, UFC fights, and NFL Sunday ticket!

Android TV Box, loaded with Kodi TV

Android TV Box, loaded with Kodi TV


Android Cable Choice





Specs: 4K TV Box ready, running android 6.0, Works like a PC too! surf the web, Facebook,
QUAD CORE RK 8 Core GPU chip. 8 GB storage. Connects thru ethernet or wifi !




Get our Android Kodi Cablevision app for your Mobile devices~

Watch any TV Show, On Demand, Pay Per View Movies in 10 minutes on your PC, Laptop, Notebook, smartphones,
Mac or Windows / Apple Desktop computers! ALL ACCESS Channels Included!


Cable TV App



Get the new Amazon FireStick for only $75!

Works on any Television!

ALL ACCESS Channels included!
Same as the tv box above, but has amazon apps as well, comes with web browser,
New Amazon firestick 2, features voice command center in the AMazon app areas.

Works exactly like our cable box above. Same HD quality. Same Channels included.

WOW ! Buy in bulk, get them for only $55 each, click on options when ordering

This Kodi Fire TV Stick gets you free Netflix, HBO, Showtime and more

This Kodi Fire TV Stick gets you free Netflix, HBO, Showtime and more


amazon fire






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Become a Kodi TV REP

Become a Kodi TV REP

Android TV Box Wholesale










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